Commercial Cleaning Service

Commercial Cleaning Service

Commercial Cleaning Service6 Years in Business for FINECLEAN!

Commercial Cleaning Service
Firstly I wanted to thank every stakeholder who has made these last 6-years possible. As a cleaning entrepreneur and business owner it has been the most incredible journey since January 2017.

I would like to mention in particular the following people:


      • Our staff (FINECLEANERS)! Current and past staff. You are the heartbeat of this company. We appreciate your hard work, support and dedication to me and our clients’ sites!

      • Roberto and Cristina – Co-Directors of FINECLEAN and also my parents. They have been an unshakable support since day 1. The business would not be in operation if it wasn’t for your initial and continued support

      • Tapiwa – My wife and also our first ever employee! From day 1, you saw the vision of what we wanted to build and stuck by my side, pulling all nighters, helping me put together bids, presentations, training, interviewing, conducting audits and much more. Safe to say the business would not be what it is today without your support.

      • Our clients! We are very selective as to who we work with, as we want to build long lasting working relationships. We want to thank all of our clients for the initial trust you have placed on us and the continued trust and business you give us. Without your continued support, FINECLEAN would just be an idea. Here is to another 6-years!

      • Paul and The Massey Family – our Vice-Non Executive Chairman. Our most precious asset is time and I would like to thank you for your continued selflessness and dedication of your time to myself and FINECLEAN!

      • Alex and Nick Fell – Our first clients – you gave me an opportunity which in turn gave me further confidence in myself and my business vision. It allowed me to start a business with a recurring contract at 19 years old. Thank you!

    FINECLEAN continues to grow and develop with our values of integrity, respect, reliability, accountability and quality! Our mission is still to become the Best In Class cleaning company across the UK.

    We now operate across the Midlands, which has a national reach for projects! 

    Get in touch with the team, so we can help you!


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