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School Cleaning Guide

School cleaning: Tips for creating a cleaning program that works for your school
According to the World Health Organization, 22 million school days are lost each year and 38 million people are infected with the flu each year.

These statistics are surprising, but not surprising. Schools are a source of germs, bacteria, dirt, dust and germs. Poor sanitation results in absenteeism for teachers, students and staff, costing millions of dollars.

Considering the amount of money lost each year due to unsafe conditions, hiring a cleaning or janitorial company can save you money and help keep your school clean.

Check out these school cleaning tips to help keep the entire facility clean and safe for everyone.

Start with the basics
The road to a clean school is always a clean room. Start by talking to teachers and what they can do to keep classrooms and teachers clean.

For example, a child and a teacher can schedule an hour a week to plan and discuss ideas in class. Teachers and other staff can clean coffee cups and glasses after use and wipe the floor.

These simple rules will help you and your school stay clean every day. A clean work environment can increase productivity, improve student and teacher morale, and reduce absenteeism.

School Department
The best way to keep the school clean is to divide and conquer. Divide the exterior of the house and plan the maintenance of each section or room.

For example, you need a plan for all roads, highways and foot traffic. Bathrooms, classrooms and teachers’ rooms may need to be cleaned daily, but playrooms that children use several times a week need to be cleaned thoroughly afterwards. Used every time.

This plan allows you to calculate expenses, hire employees and streamline the process. For example, if you see some areas that need a lot of work, you can hire more workers and buy more equipment.

Regular antibiotics
Cleaning all rooms, large and small, is important to the health and safety of students and staff. During cold and flu season, schools are breeding grounds for germs and disease, and sanitation can help reduce illness and absenteeism.

Teachers should regularly clean all areas of the classroom, especially doors, tables, chairs, sponges, toys and games, washing machines, computers, keyboards, mice and lamps.

The cleaners have to clean the bathroom, kitchen and other rooms several times a day. Make sure that every room in the school has a box of daily or emergency cleaning supplies.

Take your trash back to school
Children and school staff will waste less if trash cans are readily available. Don’t forget to dispose of trash inside and outside the school.

Large trash cans should be placed in hallways, bathrooms, playrooms, school entrances and exits, and throughout the school. Small trash cans are placed in classrooms, classrooms, and other workplaces.

It’s hard to ignore when you see trash everywhere, and there will be very little candy, chewing gum, and crumpled paper on the floor.

Hire a professional cleaning company
Schools and universities often face large cleaning crews. It’s a lot more than hiring and training new people, but luckily there are other ways to solve the problem. The best and most economical solution for schools is to buy supplies

  1. Create a system for success
    Install the operating system by installing the operating system. Make sure your employees have weekly, bi-weekly and monthly checks to see if any areas are covered. Danlanda Dandajbal, Kushdra, Bednall, Bednall, Bedna Kunda Many schools have taken the precaution of forming a cleaning team. piece

Read back to school staff
Prepare your employees for success.

  1. Disinfect high-touch, high-risk surfaces.
    The school is full of bacteria hot spots. Viveka Kamakhya Karnataka of Kashmir is not a fine verse.

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Nurse’s office

  1. Follow the two-step process.
    For the health of all school residents, many surfaces are cleaned and disinfected. Cleanliness comes first and the CDC refers to this as eliminating the Chacha Six Rath. For the first cleaning, Gali Kagogate T ਀ Am-Jaharile Sudem-Hinharile Sojeli A naf Nan Te Gel Gele Anohe Gel Marinanjumaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa The white snow is ਍ s white snow. Says the young Parpata Pranda tattakum veyala kaka kaka kaka kana.

Back to cleaning the classroom.

  1. Maintain cleaning supplies
    Vacuum or clean after each use and change the vacuum filter regularly. Clean the entire mop head after each use. Set up a storage system that is easy to use and easy to use. Saj min kan kan nana doi rakin nana meh ratnwin-meh rotin-mdna zar ka resha ma imam, this glass is my true acha acha idiga ki achaf rai sunnat.
  2. Recruit staff and student assistants.
    School inspectors have one of the toughest jobs in the world, but they have to take some work off the lists of students and staff to make classrooms more comfortable for those who work there every day. Avoid drinking alcohol in the classrooms to avoid dirt and mess. Kalpanchana Non Rani Sahitya. 2-year-old boy name is city name

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