A busy kitchen is a successful kitchen but also an area that can quickly become untidy, unclean and a breeding ground for bacteria. All kitchens will complete a daily checklist of cleaning tasks to maintain regulatory standards and protect their employees and customers, but often struggle to find the time for the periodical commercial kitchen deep cleaning. This is where FINECLEAN comes in!  

Deep cleaning kitchen services provided by experienced, trained and insured operatives, who go the extra mile to ensure your kitchen is not just spotless, but also hygienic. Call us to discover our range of services and fantastic prices. 

Deep Cleaning Kitchen Services  


Our kitchen deep cleaning services are available to all businesses across the entire county of Worcestershire, from Redditch to Tenbury Wells and Kidderminster to Eldersfield. Our expert team of fully trained, insured and DBS checked operatives can come to your location, with all products and equipment, at a time that suits you so as not to interrupt your daily operations.  

When it comes to a kitchen deep clean, we believe in being thorough and ensuring no corner is overlooked, no appliances are missed and everything is pulled out to get in behind, before replacing it precisely as though we had never been there.  

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What is Included in a Kitchen Deep Clean?  


Kitchen deep cleaning services typically include the following: 

  • Disassembling Equipment
    Large equipment and appliances such as ovens, fryers, grills and refrigerators are disassembled to clean parts that are not accessible during daily routines.
  • Degreasing
    All surfaces, including walls, floors and backsplashes are degreased to remove built-up oils and fats, using professional-grade degreasers and steam cleaners.
  • Detail Cleaning
    Scrubbing and cleaning of all surfaces such as counters, shelving units, exhaust hubs and filters.
  • Sanitising
    Involving food-safe sanitisers, surfaces are thoroughly sanitised to eliminate bacteria.
  • Ventilation Cleaning
    Exhaust hoods and ventilation systems are cleaned to remove grease and other debris, which helps prevent fires and maintains air quality.
  • Floors
    Floors are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with food-safe products and specialist equipment such as scrubbers, which really get into the grout. 

Why Choose Us for Your Kitchen Deep Clean?  


At FINECLEAN, we have a commitment to excellence, not just to our customers but also to ourselves. This drive to be the best we can provides our customers with a high standard of kitchen deep cleaning that keeps them coming back for more. We simply don’t lose clients. 

We also recognise quality in our team and ensure they are well rewarded and looked after, which is why all our staff are comprehensively trained, supported and 100% fully employed.  

We also offer a 24-hour emergency service line to deliver exceptional customer service to new and long-term customers across the whole of Worcestershire.  

  • ISO Accreditations 9001, 14001, 45001 
  • Products, equipment and labour 
  • 100% on time in 2023 
  • Never lose a customer 

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There is no other company quite like FINECLEAN, and we are certain, the moment you employ our services, you will never look back. Contact our helpful team to discover exactly how we can ensure your commercial kitchen is fully compliant with all regulations, is clear of bacteria and provides your team with a fresh and inspiring work environment where they can conjure up the finest cuisine.  

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