Cleaning Entrances And Stairways

Cleaning Entrances And Stairways In A Commercial Building-Fineclean ,Appearance is important, especially when it comes to commercial buildings. To instantly inspire employees, impress customers, and attract repeat customers, you need a stylish building that’s regularly cleaned. This includes bringing to life areas that are sometimes overlooked but still play an important role in representing your business. This month, we’ll look at the finer details of cleaning entrances, elevators, and stairwells in commercial buildings.

Main entrance

The first thing customers see when entering the building is the entrance and foyer. Make the best impression by investing in a spotless listing that is professionally cleaned regularly.

Windows must be cleaned of grease and water stains; to this a special window cleaner is applied to achieve perfectly transparent windows.

Doors in modern buildings are often made of light glass and stainless steel, so fingerprints and dirt can be cleaned in the same way as windows, using a special cleaning method.
Surfaces such as coffee tables are important to keep clean, not just for appearance; The cleaning of these important spaces maintains a good hygienic standard.

Floor coverings prevent people from adding clutter to the rest of the building and need a good daily vacuum; better before or after opening hours.
Garbage disposal is essential to keeping things in order. Garbage is placed in daily bags to avoid unpleasant sights and smells and to be disposed of properly.


Stairs are high traffic areas in a building and require care and attention when cleaning. However, it is worth the time and effort as there is so much traffic on the stairs.

Carpets on stairs and landings are in the first place, as this is where most dirt from shoes accumulates. A thorough vacuuming and occasional stain removal can make a big difference.

Hard floors require cleaning with a quick drying cleaner and use of appropriate safety markings when the floor is dry; when it was done, all the dirt and grime was gone and replaced by an impressive shine.
Glass panels give a modern and clean look, but only if they are regularly washed with warm water and soap.

Handrails, handrails and handrails are a good idea to vacuum and wipe down with anti-bacterial solution as these are regularly serviced to help people up and down stairs.
Fixtures are visible when dirty, and any accumulated cobwebs and insect debris should be removed to maintain a sanitary environment.


If you have an elevator in your building, you probably do a good job of making your business more accessible to everyone. Due to heavy foot traffic, the elevator is fully utilized when it is kept immaculate. An elevator is usually a small space, so its hygiene level always feels faster than any other larger space in the building.

Keyboards and buttons are pressed by hundreds of people in their lives; Without a thorough wash, they can become dirty and unattractive.
Walls and ceilings, especially those made of glass, stainless steel, and mirrored fixtures, require repeated cleaning and wiping to remove dirt and prevent streaking.

Cleaning Entrances And Stairways In A Commercial Building-Fineclean

Fineclean offer immaculate living and working environments, our team will work around your schedule for your complete convenience. Whether it’s daily office cleaning, a one-time deep cleaning of a new home, or removing flooring after a major construction job, Fineclean on the promise of a tidy, clean and hygienic space.


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