What is Commercial Cleaning?

This is a common question we get asked quite often here at FINECLEAN. In general, the question is either what is Commercial Cleaning? How is Commercial Cleaning different from Domestic Cleaning?

Both are responsible for keeping spaces clean and tidy. Domestic Cleaning is commonly a cleaning service of a home, whereas Commercial Cleaning is more structured and geared for larger locations with higher footfall. Therefore requiring Commercial Cleaning Services. The key differences between each service are:

Commercial Chemicals v Domestic Chemicals

A significantly larger number of people will pass through an office than a home, it is essential that any cleaning chemicals used in a commercial environment are to the highest level. A clear differential is most supermarket products only have a log kill of 3 (99.9%) a 1000 bacteria are left on a surface after using these products. Whereas Commercial Cleaning products used have a log kill of 6 ( 99.9999%) only 1 form of bacteria is left delivering superior cleaning to high traffic areas.

Application of Commercial Cleaning products is extremely important, you should never spray directly onto a surface. Doing so will disperse any pathogens and make some airborne. Spray directly onto a cloth or paper towel a liberal amount and then wipe the surface leaving the product to dwell for at least 60 seconds before wiping off. (If a cloth has been used this then needs to be bagged up ready for washing at 90°c) ( paper towels are to be bagged and disposed of safely.) Following this method and using the correct products will prevent any pathogens from spreading.

Methods of Commercial Cleaning Services

A more structured approach is required with commercial settings, for example schedules and rotas to ensure all high priority areas are done in a correct frequency. Colour coding is very important in both commercial and domestic settings, but more so with commercial premises due to the number of different people and households may use these premises, so reducing the risk of cross contamination is vital.

Times of work

In order to minimise disruption, domestic cleaners work during the day whilst the residents of a home are likely to be at work. Commercial cleaners tend to work during the evening or before business starts for the same reason. Commercial Cleaners want to ensure that they do not disturb employees going about their daily activities or cause distraction.


Commercial Cleaning Operatives are trained to use more powerful equipment and Commercial Cleaning chemicals, operatives will usually have significantly more training than those that work in exclusively residential settings. With a clear infrastructure in place through a dedicated Operations and Team Management Team this ensures that all services are done with absolute efficiency.  By law they are also required to have basic knowledge of COSHH, Manual Handling and Risk Assessments, this is so they can conduct their job in a safe and healthy manner.


Commercial Cleaning Service providers should have ISO 14001 which is international standards in providing eco-friendly services by being mindful of their envirornmental impact.. ISO 145001 standard for management systems of occupational health and safety. ISO 45001 is the reduction of occupational injuries and diseases, including promoting and protecting physical and mental health. Commercial Cleaning businesses generally advocate the cleaning green approach and are members of BICS. If you need a reliable Commercial Cleaning Service that priorises quality across the WEST MIDLANDS get in touch with us today.


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