Touch Point Cleaning

Touch Point Cleaning

Touch Point Cleaning – One of the many lessons we learn from the coronavirus pandemic is the importance of being well prepared. But, while we all focus on our hands and mouths, are there any touch points that we overlook?

Roughly speaking, in the last 30 minutes you may have left about 300. Now imagine how this affects offices and public buildings!

Even after the pandemic, entrepreneurs need to pay more attention to all hands, fences and countertops that are often touched with fingers and even hands. It’s amazing how many other viruses and parasites can be infected by simply placing yourself at the checkout counter while paying at a restaurant or store. Not to mention the arm and back seats in public transport, and the closing doors of public bathrooms.

Primary schools need to be aware of touch points, as reminding children and young people of the importance of hand hygiene is a constant struggle.

Infection control in workplaces

In any manufacturing plant, warehouse, or industrial plant, you’ve shared tools and equipment, as well as benches, stands, and other items that people tend to press with their fingers. their thumb or finger.

If your workplace is a factory, don’t think your contact point cleaning needs are any less complicated! In the age of hot desks and modular workstations, how many fingers touch desk phones, keyboards, mice, chair backs, light switches, and doorknobs? Then there are your elevator buttons, the handrails in the hallway, and the handrails on the stairs.

Even screens designed to protect your front desk team and other employees are now touchpoint risks, just like any payment device you use in your business.

Best methods for touchpoint cleansing

How to use for all COVID-19 safety procedures – and post-application hygiene methods – use

This includes not only in a given place, but also the differentiation of cleaning fluids, clothing, devices and other devices due to the area of ​​operation, in terms of

The ideal clerk is the office of a cleaning company that knows exactly which products and work best on different surfaces at the contact points.

Call Full Service Support for more point-of-contact health and safety advice, as well as professional cleaning fees for your facility.


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