CLEANING COMMERCIAL STAIRCASES-Fineclean, In commercial buildings, entrance floors are often cleaned and maintained to a reasonable standard with daily or weekly cleaning. In many different properties with an equal number of businesses, the front of the house always gets more attention than the rest of the property.

The areas where there is the least maintenance in terms of hard floor cleaning are often back stairs or fire escapes.

Fire escape stairs need to be cleaned and maintained in accordance with regulations, but this is often overlooked and we find that some really expensive types of flooring, such as terrazzo and stone, are left with only the occasional wash year after year, which only disperses dirt and grime. from one level to another.

However, it often plays a role in the decline of commercial escalators, after all, most customers or building users will enter and exit the front of the building and use the elevators to go up and down inside the building. Therefore, the building management will direct its budget and attention to these areas more.

Often, the consequences of neglected areas will be left to a specialist floor cleaning company, only to eventually reach a state that the house cleaning staff cannot handle.

Some common problems faced by commercial stairs are the build-up of dirt on the edges and corners of the steps and in the doorways. Even if there is a cleaning schedule, the floors are often cleaned quickly with a hard broom or broom; Corners and edges are often neglected or worse, the dirt in these areas is transferred with a dirty cloth and dried on the floor.


Stone flooring, or terrazzo, is a common flooring type found on commercial stairs. Problems arise when the floor remains dirty or harsh chemicals are regularly used on it. The stone will also become rarer, so when a piece falls into a stone, once it does, a certain amount of regular cleaning will not remove the dirt.

A thorough cleaning of the space will be necessary to restore it to a presentable and functional level. Most types of stone countertops will also need a stone sealer to protect the surface and a varnish can be poured to seal the stone or a process can be used to harden the surface.

Although stone is the most popular floor finish for commercial buildings, vinyl is also found in many hallways and stairwells. Modern buildings using vinyl generally opt for non-slip safety floors; However, sheet vinyl is an older type installed in many commercial spaces and, like all other flooring, will also require regular deep cleaning and polishing.


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